I had the pleasure of touring with Vikram for four days in Delhi in early 2016.  Not only is he very good at putting the history in place but he makes it come alive.  From the ancient ruins, through the streets of a small neighborhood, choosing special sweets, participating in the Sikh Temple and hanging out in the old parts of Delhi.  I never felt uncomfortable or unsafe while in the company of Vikram.  Always the gentleman and eager to share the wonderful depths of his culture, I got to see parts of Delhi that were not just the usual tourist track.  He knows his history and culture, and took the time to find out  what kinds of things interested me,   I am a photographer, as is he (as well as an illustrator), so seeing the city from an artists point of view was wonderful!  It was so nice not to have anyone tapping his toe while I waited for the “perfect shot”. It was a true pleasure to see Delhi in the company of such a delightful guide.  

Connie from Denver, Colorado

“ In 2014 I made a photographic journey with a group to India. I was pleased to have Vikram as our guide. Besides being an artist/photographer, he is a great guide, very kind and cult! He led us through old Delhi  carefully and showing all the culture and local customs. He negotiated for us, tourists girls, goods and products that we wanted to purchase with local sellers … He took us in the best view of old Delhi… It was amazing !!!  

I recommend Vikram if you are visiting Delhi… ”

Anna Guilhermina Baglioni, Brazil

Annette and I arrived back home late on Monday evening after a simply wonderful trip to your country. It was made all the more special as you were the guide who set us on our way. It was a perfect start. We could not have asked for more. I have had a look again at your website and it brought back so many happy memories. You cleverly balanced our requests to see various things, a visit out to the USI of India and above all your appreciation of what you thought we should see — all in the time available. Your own love of the history and locations came across so fully and it was a privilege to be guided by you. As I said already, this was the start of our holiday and it made such an impact on everything else. We cannot really thank you enough. Your drawings will always be treasured. I shall let you know when the print arrives in due course. I attach some photos for you.

Many thanks once more. Do please contact us if you come to England as it would be wonderful to give you lunch in London or wherever.

Mr Richard & Mrs Annette Farrimond

Many thanks for your note.  I made it back safe and sound, feeling more in love with India than ever! Tuglaqabad Fort is stunning to recall, and it's great to have these photo reminders of being there with you.  Thanks for sending them! The many unexpected places that you, as an artist, wanted the writer in me to see were really brilliant choices.  I'm thankful that our walks will inhabit, shade, and color my memories of Delhi and India always.  Visiting Nicholson's grave and the Mutiny Memorial after nightfall were haunting, surreal experiences...  I must find a way to write about how they are now being watched over. Our break for Bengal sweets and that chai at the outdoor cafe was such fun, and I thank you for treating...  The restaurant you picked in your very trendy neighborhoodI loved it! Now over jet lag, I'm at work rewriting my play.  I'm thankful to have so much important new material to work with.  I will write you if I feel stumped, or have a question I think you could help me answer.  Meanwhile, just know that you've inspired me!

Big thanks...  Be well, Vikram.

Rebecca Otto Bean, US

"We had arranged to spend a day with Vikram Kalra exploring Old Delhi, as we had enjoyed his company so much on a previous visit. He was as lovely as we had remembered – considerate, kind, caring, immensely interesting, and hugely knowledgeable about India and Delhi in particular, and we were enthralled for the whole tour, which seemed to rush by only too quickly. It encompassed the Presidents Palace, India Gate, Old Delhi, Red Fort, Chandri Chowk, Sikh temple, and Sikh Kitchens, colourful spice market, exotic Wedding Clothes & Jewellery, and  we ate our delicious lunch at busy street cafes, using tut tut taxi, walking, and even  bicycle taxi. We would love to go back, and if we do, it will certainly be to see Vikram again."


Ross Haddow, Norfolk

'Hard to believe it’s two weeks ago when we were walking the streets with you and sampling the wonderful street food. It was a real highlight of our trip and we just wanted to thank you very much. We will be recommending you to our friends. ' 

Caroline and Jonathan, UK